10 Ways to Build a Buzz Around Your Website

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10 Ways to Build a Buzz Around Your Website

Your website looks slick, your products and services are amazing, and you’ve launched multiple marketing campaigns. So why isn’t your site producing the numbers you need?

Getting buzz for your site isn’t always easy—but it’s necessary for your business to thrive. If you’re looking to ignite your audience and get them talking about your website, you need the right strategy…

…these 10 tips will help get you there.


1.    Tell A Compelling Story

Every business has a story. How did you get started? What do you do? What’s your value?

You can translate all these elements into a compelling story that speaks to your audience and really gets people talking, or you can write a few dry sentences on each page, list your products and hope for some buzz—although it likely won’t happen.


2.    Offer Incentives

Nothing catches people’s attention like a promotion or a freebie. Offer contests with prizes that tie into your brand. Promote discounts. Provide a limited time offer to get word of mouth to spread.

Some people call it a sign up bonus, others consider it a free gift. Regardless of its name, the purpose is the same: you’re giving people a reason to sign up for your list, and you’re getting a chance to showcase your expertise.


3.     Provide Dynamic Content

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Read the content on your site. Is it engaging and eye-catching?

If you’re not providing a fresh stream of content on your pages that’s worth talking about, people will pass you and your website by.

To put it in laymen’s terms, dynamic content is HTML content on your website, forms, landing pages, or emails that changes based on the viewer. As people match the criteria you set for your dynamic content (like an industry, job title, or even a score or grade), a variation of content will display that’s relevant to that viewer. For example, a national retailer could have their “locations” page only provide the three closest stores to a viewer’s location.


4.     Ask For Feedback

Want to get people talking about your website? Ask their opinions; post polls and questionnaires; inquire what users think of your products, your site interface, your new logo and other changes and announcements.

People will have plenty to say about you and your website—and it’s a great opportunity to make improvements and evolve to match the needs of your market.


5.     Make Some News and Tell Your Story


If you want to promote excitement about your site, do something news-worthy!

Send out press releases detailing changes in your business. Be sure to post news and announcements on your site as well. Keep people talking by shaking things up and showing that your company is evolving and keeping up with the latest consumer trends.  Get the readers excited about you and your company and they’ll soon be clicking on your website.



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6.    Optimize Your Social Media Outlets

You put up a Facebook page and you try to tweet a few times a week, and then wonder why the Web isn’t ablaze with talk of your site.

Social outlets don’t work unless you engage people. Focus on groups that tie into your brand and then post interesting comments, videos and links. Actively converse with people, ask questions and strike up conversations—always an effective way to get people talking.


7.     Focus Your Marketing Efforts

Don’t just try to stir up buzz for buzz’s sake. Posting a video of a guy pulling off cool skateboard tricks might attract an audience—temporarily—but it won’t bring in targeted traffic or help your business in the long-run.

Outline a marketing plan and structure a brand-awareness campaign that fits your business model and goals.


8.     Support Charitable Causes

One of the smartest and most effective ways to build a buzz around your website is to openly support charitable causes and use your business to raise awareness on a specific issue. Promise to offer a chunk of your earnings to a cause and make sure you always do so. Your website should stand for something—something noble, something respectable—and your marketing campaigns should focus on letting the world know what that is. Not only will you gain credibility by supporting charitable causes, but your brand will grow to signify respect and appreciation.


9.     Run Contests or Offer Freebies

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Offer something to your visitors for free, to raise awareness of your brand, and to keep them coming back to you. If you’re selling products or offering services, then why not run a contest that gives visitors the chance to get their hands on some exciting freebies? Offer a free eBook, an online tutorial, a Skype meeting, or gift vouchers—it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it just needs to help spread the word, get potential customers curious about your business, and make them want to come back to you.

10.    Blog About It

Take advantage of your blog to generate excitement before, during, and after a launch. Share about the process, explain the benefits of your new brand/service/product/offering, and plant seeds about the launch long before you release more details. You could even create a blog series centered around it all by inviting your readers behind the scenes of what you’ve been working on to prepare for the launch. You can get creative on this one, but don’t overlook the large role that blogging can play in a new business launch.


The Bottom Line

If you want to create a buzz around your website, make the most of social networks, engage with your visitors through contests, and share other people’s content. Work as part of a team, ask for feedback, support a charitable cause, and have your story featured on a few different credible entrepreneur profile websites that your readers know and trust. If your business and website have what it takes to stand out, they no doubt will—just keep your customers’ needs in mind and they will return the favor.   Follow these 10 tips, get site traffic buzzing and get your business humming!

Are you ready to start creating a buzz around your website?  Let us know in the comments section below!

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at 561WebsiteDesign.com Robyn Ramus is an accomplished CEO with over 21 years of experience in the online marketing, web development and operations. She specializes in corporate marketing. database design and implementation, massive scalability. platform architecture. project management, website development, e-commerce solutions, graphic design, SEO, wordpress, social media marketing, email marketing, website management, tv commercials and business development. https://www.linkedin.com/in/robyn-ramus

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