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561 Website Design offers eCommerce website design and custom shopping cart solutions to fit any eCommerce company’s needs or specifications.

We’ve worked on hundreds of eCommerce website design projects and  we know what it takes to generate sales. Utilizing responsive website design, our eCommerce websites are optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet shopping. With platform features like unlimited products and categories, to a secure one-page checkout, we make online shopping easy for customers and easy to manage for website owners. From selling a product or subscription, to taking payments for a service, our team can develop the custom eCommerce website solution that’s perfect for your business.

Mobile-friendly websites built to increase sales and conversions

The design of your product pages directly affects your sales. More images and clear information about each product is typically better, especially when presented in an easy-to-use design. All of the information in the catalog needs to be both easy to use for visitors and easy to manage for you.

Essential Features of a  eCommerce Website Design

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User Friendly Navigation  

The navigation is the single most important feature of an eCommerce website. If the website has a user friendly navigation, it’ll have more traffic and less bounce rates.Then a customer will come back regularly and buy more frequently which leads to increased sales.

Search Box

Search box is an important feature to have in eCommerce website. It would enable the customer to quickly access a product. It can incorporate an intelligent auto complete feature which would save the user time. It can also include smarter breadcrumbs which would allow users to search smartly. 

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Product Filtering

Product Filtering

Allowing your users to customize their eCommerce experience on your website by giving them the ability to filter through your category pages based on prices, popularity, and more is an essential tool for any website to have. Customers don’t enjoy clicking through endless pages of products, so having a “View All” option is also a good idea to make things easier. To help customers that are interested in a product on a category page, use a quick preview feature to help your customers decide if they want the product without having to click through to the actual product page.

Hot Deals

Some customers shop only for the exclusive deals and hot price offerings. If the hot deals link (most preferably with an image) is located on the home page, the customer would be able to quickly access the product and buy it. Hot deal products are viewed more than regular products, and it is the best way to quickly sell certain products.

Product Details
Dynamic Shopping Cart

Dynamic Shopping Cart

Highly dynamic market trends require both small businesses and large corporations to have a stable online presence. Why is it so important that your existing and prospective clients have the opportunity to order your products and services online? Actually, this allows your business to grow beyond current geographic region and become global thereby increasing sales and company profits. However, in order to launch a fully functional and easy-to-use online store, you need to take advantage of a premium quality shopping cart solution.

Shipping Options

A shipping method is the shipping charge that a customer pays at checkout. It can be a fixed charge, like a $5 flat rate charge on all orders, or a dynamically calculated charge based on the details (e.g. weight, origin, destination) of the shipment. Since the checkout process is a significant investment of time and effort, allow customers to calculate the shipping costs directly from their shopping carts before they start going through the checkout process.

Shipping Options
Payment Confirmation

Payment Confirmation

Clicking the final “submit payment” button for many customers can be a very stressful moment. Calm their nerves by not only displaying a payment confirmation page, but also by sending them an email confirming receipt of their payment. Provide your customers with tracking information once their order has shipped as well, so that they can feel at ease through the final step of the transaction.

Website Management

As the owner of your website, you should have a place where you can review all pertinent information regarding how your site is performing. Your website’s dashboard should be customizable and offer summary information about stock items, information requests, sales figures, and eCommerce performance metrics. By having a comprehensive understanding of the status of each sale that comes from your website, shipping orders, and customer information, you can consistently update product colors, sizes, and descriptions to decide which categories or subcategories to feature on the home page or navigational menus based on your customers’ purchasing patterns.

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